The extreme gap between the rhetoric of Carlos Arredondo and what actually happened is phenomenal. This is what Carlos the Cowboy said;

"This is a tragedy, you know, that we are pretty much going to remember forever. What happened here is the first bomb blew up right in front of the VIP section afew yards before the end of the Marathon, the first bomb blew up and pretty much ripped alot of people's legs off. All these people was standing on the sidewalk when this bomb blew up, pretty much took off, at least 30 people were right there, and limbs and arms and everything was off, and then a second bomb, a few seconds later blew up, yeah, very close, in these 12, 15 yards away from the first bomb explosion and really took alot of people down. And thank God, you know I had the heart to go across and help some people out by putting tourniqets. I was putting tourniqets when the bomb blew up."

The pictures below are not full of the ripped legs and mangled bodies that Carlos described and strongly suggest that the Boston Marathon Bombings were primarily an orchestrated hoax. Do you see Carlos Arredondo applying a tourniquet around the arm or leg of any injured victim? Do you see any body parts anywhere? On the contrary, all you see is this transparent fakery.


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