The Politics of Benghazi

This is what Karl Rove said about Benghazi

"First of all, let's talk about the substance of the issue before we get into the politics. The substance of the issue is, the White House has mishandled this from the get-go. And the State Department mishandled it. For the sake of our country, we need to have a sombre, non-partisan, hopefully bipartisan investigation by Congress. We had incidents in Libya. We had at least 12 requests for American security personnel inside Libya for enhansements to the Embassy -all of them rejected. This, this consulate in Benghazi has the lowest standard of security -in the state department parlance, you know what they called it colloqually -they've got official names for these level of security. They sort of refer to the bottom level as lock & key -because that's the security, a lock and a key. It turned out, I didn't think they had a safe room, it turned out they had a saferoom but it didn't have fire suppression, or, you know smoke ventillation -it was basically go in there and get attacked, and you know, all somebody had to do was put the place on fire and you'd roast... Let's put this in context. You take the President's job approval on the question of the handling of foreign affairs before September 11 and compare it to today. This has been steadily downwards, to the point where today, the people almost trust the challenger, Mitt Romney, on foreign affairs and the question of terrorism as much as they trust the incumbent in the White House. That is shocking. That is a sign that the American people's good sound judgement is 'look, we're looking at this, we're not seeing TV ads about it and it's not the thing that's being debated at each campaign trail, but we're looking at the President of the United States and we're looking at what he failed to do and we're watching it unroll and guess what, we think he's doing a crappy job."

Enough Karl. If you have to let Americans die in effort to prove that the President of the United States is doing a "crappy" job, you are indeed extremely perverse. Message to Karl Rove: The fanatics who manufacture politically motivated nonsense in effort to prove that President Obama is doing a crappy job are directly responsible for Benghazi.

According to Karl Rove,'s "blame game", the entire "substance" of Benghazi was an avoidable fiasco that was supposed to provide the ammunition he required in effort to discredit the President of the United States and his allies. Needless to say, if Karl Rove had any interest in the security of the Americans who were murdered, he would have spoken up BEFORE their assassinations and the heroes who fought tooth and nail to the bitter end, would still be alive today because they did not "roast". They died fighting.

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Was Benghazi about trying to prove that Obama is doing a crappy job?