American Heroes
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Glen Doherty was a highly decorated US Navy SEAL with multiple combat deployments. You didn't mess with him without starting a firefight where arms and limbs were scattered everywhere, the very same way that the "Boston Cowboy Hero" said they were scattered after the Boston Marathon Bombing. Only problem is, Boston was not the setting that the Boston Cowboy described. Benghazi was.

Doherty had former Navy Seal, Tyrone Woods, covering his back, and together, they made a seemingly indestructable duo.

It took 7 hours to kill Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty. Can you possibly imagine the damage they did in the meantime? Can you imagine the carnage produced through containing an overwhelming show of force for 7 hours?

Think about the force that was deployed in the hunt for the Boston terrorists and that should give you a very good idea of what Glen Dougherty and Tyrone Woods were forced to deal with.

Backgrounder: Benghazi was evidently about embarrassing Obama through the assassination of Ambassador Stephens. It was evidently the operation of one of the thousands of contractors who are currently in the counterterrorism business.

In other words, it was choreographed by the very same people who are responsible for the "Hollywood Produced" Boston Marathon Bombings.

And that's all we'll ever know because counterintelligence operations in the United States appear to be absolutely unaccountable.

There are over 3000 organizations occupying approximately 5000 locations in the US engaged in the secretive business of counterintelligence, and some Americans are dying in the crossfire of the most insane operations. Benghazi was one of them. The Boston Marathon Bombings was another. Let's hope they stick to their responsibilities without any more major screw ups because they are supposed to fight terrorism. If somebody hires them to be terrorists, somebody like Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty will respond.

Newsworld Showdown -focus on the truth.