We Have Been Duped

The deeper you probe into the Kennedy assassination, the stranger it gets. Remember the famous Altgens photograph that is supposed to show Kennedy reacting to the first shot.

In 1967, James Altgens was interviewed by CBS news and he essentially betrayed the fact that he was controlled by the obsession to maintain the Warren Report cover story.

In his own words: "As I was getting ready to make some pictures, why I heard this noise. I thought it was a firecracker explosion. That is when I went ahead and made the picture which shows the President right after he was struck by a bullet, struck in the neck, the first shot." (and after he said that, he showed the newsman the following photograph)

Now can you see Kennedy getting shot in that picture? You have to be a real "insider" to figure that out. But on November 22nd, 1963, Altgens was not an "insider" he was supposed to be a photographer. But listen to the rest of his 1967 interview:

"And this was a picture that the Warren Report later fixed as being made two seconds after the shot was fired. And, as they got in close to me, and I was prepared to take the picture, I had my camera almost at eye level, that's when the President was shot in the head."

James Altgens was an eyewitness to the Kennedy assassination, positioned to take a picture of President Kennedy at the exact moment when he was shot in the head, and there is absolutely no doubt about that because the Zapruder film proves it.

It is amazing that Altgens was taking photographs precisely when Kennedy was shot and they were never publicized. What is even more amazing is that instead of being known for his eye-level, eyewitness vantage point, he is primarily remembered for publishing what is known as Altgens 7, which corresponds to Zapruder frame 394.

During his Warren Report testimony, Altgens used the following excuse to deny taking any pictures when he had his camera directly focused on Kennedy reacting to a fatal gunshot wound: "I had pre-focused, had my hand on the trigger, but when JFK's head exploded, sending substance in my direction, I virtually became paralyzed. This was such a shock to me that I never did press the trigger on the camera... To have a President shot to death right in front of you and keep your cool and do what you're supposed to do - I'm not real sure that the most seasoned photographers would be able to do it... There is no excuse for this. I should have made the picture that I was set up to make. And I didn't do it."

There is an incredible mismatch between his rhetoric and his actions because Altgens is the only person who did not react to the Kennedy shooting. Others were dodging bullets and ducking all around him while he kept his lense cooly focused. The claim that he was ever in shock is consequently pure nonsense and the following photograph certainly speaks for itself:

The old fox is as cool as a cucumber, so why did he lie about having taken the most explosive pictures ever? The answer to that lies in the rest of his CBS interview and it also speaks for itself:

"I do know that the President was still in an upright position (after being shot in the head), tilting, favoring Mrs. Kennedy, and at the time that he was struck by this blow to the head, it was so obvious that it came from behind. It had to come from behind, because it caused him to bolt forward, dislodging him from this depression in his seat cushion, and already favoring Mrs. Kennedy, he automatically fell in that direction. The one thing that did seem to be a little bit strange, immediately after the car proceeded to Parkland hospital, men with drawn guns ran up the terrace of this plaza, of what is considered to be and referred to as the knoll area, and thinking that they had the assassin cornered up in this knoll area, and it seemed rather strange as I say because, knowing that the shot came from behind, this fella had to really move in order to get into the knoll area."

Fixed by the Warren Commission, it appears that James Altgens was prepared to ignore any evidence which suggested that anyone other than Lee Harvey Oswald was involved in the assassination of President Kennedy, and that clearly explains why his camera fired more blanks than bullets, on November 22nd 1963.

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