Smoke and Mirrors

The "injuries" of the Hooded Man, Christian Williams, appear to be recovering nicely, but was he in fact seriously injured, as he insists?

I heard all those stories about the hooded crisis actor and I thought to myself "no way". But then, the photographic evidence is crystal clear. Seeing is believing. The highly suspicious activities that were caught on camera between a mysterious Hooded Man and double-amputee Boston Marathon bombing "victim" Jeff Bauman, are not figments of the imagination. They are activities that were recorded and anybody who disputes them is simply a deluded conspiracy theorist.

As you can see from the photographic evidence, the Hooded Man removed a black strap from his hood which was used to replace Bauman's actual prosthetic leg with what appeared to be a freshly injured leg from the blast. No need to speculate or theorize, it's all there.

Needless to say, anyone who tells the truth will be attacked because the terrorist attack was a mixture of real and fake, to make it difficult to expose the truth, but the only way to genuinely honour what happened is to acknowledge both parts of this horrific tragedy.

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