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Marilyn & Joe

By Mat Wilson

When Monroe divorced Arthur Miller, she was physically and mentally exhausted over a series of personal and professional setbacks that included feeling guilty over the sudden death of Clark Gable, and on February 4, 1961, she was admitted by her psychiatrist, Dr. Marianne Kris, into Manhattan's Payne-Whitney Clinic and placed in the ward for the most seriously disturbed. Joe DiMaggio's biographer described the experience in the following terms:

On February 6, 1961, her psychiatrist, Dr. Marianne Kris drove over to the Cornwell university's medical centre on New York's east side where Marilyn checked herself in for a rest. Immediately she was taken to the Payne Whitney Psychiatric division, where she was locked into a cell on a ward for truly psychotic patients, her screams of protest, her demands to be released were ignored or taken as evidence of her sickness. When she broke the payne of glass in her locked bathroom door, she was threatened with restraint and watched day and night. For Marilyn this was the worst fear of her life come true, she was locked away like her mother, a prisoner in a loonie bin. After three days, when she was finally permitted one call, she phoned to Florida. she called Joe DiMaggio. He was there the next day, at the Payne Whitney reception desk, six feet, one-and-a-half inches tall, wide at the shoulders, glowering darkly, and in no mood for talk. "I want my wife" DiMaggio said. No one pointed out to him that he and Marilyn Monroe had not been married for the last 6 years. Instead they tried to tell him that they had no authority to release Miss Monroe, to him or to anyone else."I want my wife" Joe DiMaggio said, with menacing precision. His large hands gripped the reception desk. "And if you do not release her to me, I will take this place apart, piece of wood by piece of wood." Suddenly, the Payne Whitney staff discovered that Miss Monroe was free to go. Joe had his wife transferred to another hospital, Columbia Presbyterian, where she could have a real rest, in a normal, private room which he would visit daily, and which he would fill with roses.

Marilyn Monroe endured six days of hell before Joe DiMaggio got her out. She was forced to claw and to scream in agony until Joe DiMaggio rescued her. If he hadn't, the psychiatric profession, on the urging of J. Edgar Hoover, would have destroyed her the way it destroyed Hemingway's life. Marilyn's pleas to escape her psychological tormentors fell on deaf ears. Fortunately, she was released before shock therapy destroyed her the way it did Hemingway.

There is no excuse for tormenting Hemingway and Monroe the way that they were, and in particular, Hemingway was supposed to have been treated for liver disease, he was not the psychotic that J. Edgar Hoover proved to be.

Hoover's FBI manipulated psychiatrists in effort to destabilize their targets and the police state that J. Edgar Hoover produced was as treacherous as any Soviet Gulag. According to former FBI agent, Gordon Liddy, illegal FBI operations were always staged in a manner that made it appear as though the FBI was absolutely blameless. in retrospect, the ease in which they influenced the psychiatrists who tortured Hemingway and Monroe is absolutely shocking.

The FBI carefully monitored Hemingway's treatment at the Mayo clinic and "a letter from special agent in Minneapolis to J. Edgar Hoover on January 13, 1960 reported that Hemingway had secretly entered the Mayo Clinic and the FBI knew about his treatment." Indeed "the FBI had, in fact, tracked Hemingway to the walls of the Mayo Clinic and discussed his case with his psychiatrist." At the Mayo Clinic, Hemingway was given a series of electric shocks to the brain.

Likewise, the false determination that Marilyn Monroe was depressed enough to kill herself is a myth that does not merit any credibility at all.

If all this sounds like science fiction, it is probably time for you to read

Preserving Their Legacy.

Andy Warhol
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