The Great Debate
I am a genious, I will win, I will win, I will win ! ! !


Most people naturally believe that Mitt Romney won the first presidential debate because he was playing poker with a deck full of jokers. The so-called debate was more akin to a child-like card trick. It was not a serious debate that was won or lost on the merit.

When Lehrer allowed the candidates to ride roughshod over the debate's rules, the bully was naturally able to stick to his script and to create the appearance that he knew what he was talking about. In reality, he was probably repeationg words transmitted over a wireless earpiece. Romney was too desperate to worry about debating and heck, if the technology exists, why not use it?

Did Romney look like he was debating? In fact, he looked crazed. How does a man who looks crazed maintain a wordperfect debate without reminding us that he is "severely" conservative? The answer is quite obvious if you think about it.

The fact is, the ability to multi-task is a myth. It is simply not possible to be a crazed Mitt Romney and to maintain perfect focus at the same time.

Consequently, if you analyze the performance you will discover that Romney was not debating. He was playing poker and he was holding a phony Royal Flush in his hand because, having been dealt five jokers in a row, it is not possible to lose without betraying the charade.

Was this a deliberate gameplan? Look at the players. Jim Lehrer is a tough journalist who knew exactly what he was doing. He did not let the entire discussion drift off topic because he is incompetent. He did it because he knew that the crazed candidate would behave exactly the way he did under the circumstances and the perfect gentleman would be railroaded because his cards were not jokers.

Jim Lehrer delivered, but why?

On September 26, 2008, Lehrer had said that he would not moderate any more debates after the 2008 election. The Romney campaign wanted Lehrer to repeat the "magic" of the Bush/Gore debate and he was consequently recruited, not because he is an independent journalist, but because he is a master manipulator.

The writer of the book, 'The Phony Marine', Jim Lehrer thinks he can make anybody look smart and that was obviously his task -to make the crazed Mitt Romney look smart.

In his own words, Jim Lehrer said, "Somebody intends you to be smart you appear to be smart. If they intend you to be a jerk, you tend to be a jerk. It all goes back to childhood. A teacher expects you to do well, you tend to do better....expectations is a huge motivator."

This man who is known to be a master interviewer and a careful student of people says things like, "If you get into a situation where a hero is required, then you better well act like a hero."

Jim Lehrer has this idea that we are all heroes and that the only thing that distinguishes one from the other is the lack of being tested.

Given this bizarre ideology, Jim Lehrer got exactly what he wanted from Romney and Obama. He took two men who were very different and gave one of them a stacked deck so that he could pretend to be the "hero" of one of Lehrer's bizarre novels. The other became the proverbial jerk.

Did the mindset and capabilities of Jim Lehrer create the appearance that Mitt Romney won the debate? It certainly did, and that makes him a very capable propagandist, doesn't it?

I wonder who really hired or motivated Jim Lehrer? It certainly sounds like a Karl Rove/George Bush Sr. operation, but this time, it was not MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.




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