November 6, 2012 Editorial

Who voted for Romney? I know who voted for Obama, but I have absolutely no idea who voted for Mitt Romney.

I can think of 500 reasons for not voting for Mitt Romney and not a single reason to think that he would make a good President.

And thus, I still wonder. Who voted for Mitt Romney?

When I am perplexed and cannot find an answer using my limited resources, I reach out, and Twitter is the biggest single source of information where you can find the answer to anything that is currently happening.

Consequently, the request I posted on Twitter was very simple, and the response was rather phenomenal: If you voted for Obama. RT. If you voted for Romney, let me know why."

As we all know, RT is retweet, and all these people retweeted to confirm the fact that they had voted for Obama.

Isn't that amazing? I know exactly who voted for Obama. But who voted for Mitt Romney?

Americans are fiercely independent people. Some ignored my question and changed the rules. For instance, this Tweeter posted thuswise:

I therefore know why somebody in my poll voted for Obama even though I didn't ask the question but I still do not know why anybody voted for Mitt Romney.

Moreover, it became very clear and obvious that the strongest reason to vote for President Obama was opposition to Mitt Romney himself. So who voted for Romney?

I decided to make this unofficial poll as scientific as possible, so, to be fair, I posted another question on Twitter; "If you voted for Romney. RT." At the time I posted that question I had receive 30 Retweets from Obama supporters, and I made up for the slack by doubling up on posting the question seeking out Romney supporters.

Incidently, all my tweets solicited a response from Romney supporters, yet, in total, only the six following tweets related to Mitt Romney and 4 of the 6 were not even supportive. They were a response which reflected the common tendency to think that Romney's candidacy was ludicrous.

For example, this was in response to "If you voted for Romney RT."

Messages that referred to Romney ridiculed the prospect of voting for him, thuswise;

And these are the only two Romney supporters who retweeted to indicate they had voted for him:

All other Romney-related retweets referred to him in the following manner:

The electorate was indeed divided, as the media repeatedly claimed, but the faultline had been misrepresented. The division was not between Obama supporters and Romney supporters. It was between those who supported President Obama and the rare, practically non-existent person who was deluded enough to think that Mitt Romney was a viable, presidential candidate.

It is indeed stunning to think that the media persistently called the presidential election too close to call when the vast majority of people on twitter responded to the request for a retweet from a Romney supporter, like this:

The question remains. Who on earth voted for Mitt Romney, if not Diebold?

Is it possible that Barack Obama's support in the United States mirror European attitude where polls indicated that if they had voted, Obama would have secured 90 percent of the vote? Are the people of Europe really that different?

Over the next few days, you will hear the pundits, especially David Gergen, who has an on-demand forum at CNN, claim that it was a close election and that the United States is a divided nation. He will also tell you that Obama does not have a mandate even though he was elected twice, and he will repeatedly say that the United Statesis deeply divided. What you will not hear them tell you is the truth, and that is; Obama did not win election 2012. Anti-Obama fanatics failed to steal another election, and if they are not prosecuted they will try again.

Allow me to repeat the facts, they are important. One Hundred and Seventeen people confirmed the fact that they voted for Obama on this election day poll and only 2 confirmed the fact that they voted for Mittt Romney, and why would that surprise anybody? Tea Party Republicans offended 99% of the population, and in my experience, it is is easier to catch Donald Trump share a hairbrush with Newt Gingrich than it is to find a Romney supporter on twitter.

The United States of America is not a divided nation. It is united except for a handful of lunatics who though they could buy the presidency and they were proven wrong.

Election night proved that the Obama organization had an unparallelled, unprecedented, get-out-the-vote drive and the Romney team had an unparallelled, unprecedented, suppress the vote, ground game, and in the end, "we the people" won a necessary victory for the re-emergence of democracy.

The only outstanding question is, how many votes did the surrogates of the one percent manage to steal, to be able to give Romney the confidence to believe he would not require a concession speech on November 6, 2012?

NEXT: Did Mitt Romney get ANY legitimate votes.

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